Dental calculus and periodontal tissue diseases of the teeth

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Dental calculus or problems with the periodontal tissue of the teeth may occur despite careful dental hygiene. The most common periodontal tissue disease is periodontitis.

A periodontitis patient’s supporting tissue is damaged usually caused by dental calculus. The result is a weakening of tooth attachment and, in severe cases, teeth becoming completely loose. The usual result is also bad breath.

The easiest way to prevent periodontitis is careful daily dental hygiene. It is also important to have regular tooth checkups done by a dentist or dental hygienist in connection with which the possible dental calculus is removed.

In severe cases of periodontitis we work with dentists specialized in Periodontology.

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Our professional dental hygienists help in maintaining good oral hygiene. Hygienists perform removal of dental calculus and stains, dental fluoridation and other preventive measures for avoiding oral diseases as well as give instructions for your daily dental hygiene.