A feeling of tightness in the biting muscles and muscular head and shoulder pains that take place especially in the morning can be caused by bruxism, i.e. gnashing or grinding of the teeth. Bruxism usually occurs at night and often results in wearing of the teeth and sometimes also tooth pain or shooting pains in the teeth. Bruxism can be caused by malocclusions or simply just stress. The problem can be alleviated with a bite splint tailor-made to the patient’s bite, which most patients use at night. The splint reduces muscle tension, protects the teeth and can relieve the pain in the head and shoulders as well as shooting pains in the teeth.

Even a small malocclusion can be the reason for bruxism. A small correction in the bite by the dentist together with a bite splint can be enough to release the problem. In bigger malocclusions even orthodontics can be necessary. In those cases our specialists in orthodontics can help you. Maloccluisons can also be treated with crowns and bridges to a certain level.