Partial denture of the lower jaw before and after

The patient is a 62 -year-old woman with bad periodontitis and teeth that had to be removed especially from the lower front area.

A full jaw bridge of the upper jaw and an eight tooth bridge at the front part of the lower jaw - plaster models and ready to go

The patient is a 70 –year-old man with a bad malocclusion due to periodontitis.

The clinical picture taken immediately after installing the bridges. Therefore a small amount of white cement can be seen at the gum line.

The colour of the teeth has been done tooth by tooth to match the initial situation. The teeth were made slightly yellowish according to the patient’s wishes so as not to have other people notice that the teeth are new.

Bridge of four front teeth made with implants

The patient is a 37 –year-old man, who had lost his front teeth in a moped accident abroad

In the first small picture the implants in the mouth with healing caps in place, in the second the temporary removable partial denture

In the After-image the crown implants in place.

Whitening and laminates on four top-front teeth (before and after)

The patient is a 19 –year-old girl.


A developmental disorder in the enamel that wished to have repaired and yellowish teeth possibly due to medication received as a child.


The enamel damages of the lower jaw no longer bothered the patient after bleaching so the laminates were only done on the upper teeth dd.12-21 and d.23.

Ceramic bridge dd.13-21

The patient is an 86 –year-old man


The work took into account the patient’s malocclusion and colour of own teeth. The patient did not wish for bleaching.

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