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Price list

Price list

Kela-codeTreatmentPrice €Kela-reparation €Deductible €
SAA01Examination, short479,5037,50
SAA02Basic examination7115,5055,50
X-Ray examinations   
EB1HAPanoramic picture of the teeth and jaws98989
EB1AAIntra oral X-ray38632
Filling treatment    
SFA10Filling on one surface761066
SFA20Filling on two surfaces13417117
SFA30Filling on three surfaces15219133
SFA40Crown made of composite material18923166
SFB30Ceramic filling on three surfaces (also laminate)39257335 *
Root canal treatment    
SGA02Opening of tooh and rinsing of root canal891079
SGA03Opening of tooh and rinsing of root canal, demanding12213109
SGA04Opening of tooh and rinsing of root canal, extra demanding16519146
SGB10Filling of 1 root canal84975
SGB20Filling of 2 root canals1111398
SGB30Filling of 3 root canals16519146
SGC00Local medication of root canal90981
Oral surgery   
EBA00Extraction of tooth921082
EBA05Demanding extraction of tooth16510155
EBA10Operative extraction of tooth29842256
ECB00Stiching of gingiva60951
ECB40Plastic restoration of alveolar bione using artificial bone23457177
SPC10Prothetic crown (ceramic och metal-ceramic)4250425 *
SPC20Crown on implant5230523 **
 3-tooth bridge on two implants132801328 **
SFB30Laminate (ceramic)39257335 *
SPE90Partial denture to one jaw569-6700569-670 *
SPF00Repair of dentures90090 *
SPF10Demanding repair of dentures1420142 *
SPF30Rebase of dentures1650165 *
Oral physiologic function   
SHA01Treatment of oral physiologic function, short58652
SHA02Treatment of oral physiologic function801070
SHB00Manufacturing and fitting of dental splint24827221 *
SXC06 Sleep apnea rail / snoring bar                                                                      50027473***
Pain relief    
WX110/WX290Local anestesia25322
WX105Local anestesia on surface of gingiva22319
Treatment by dental hygienist   
SAB03Examination of teet and mouth62854
SDA04Removal of dental calculus and tartar control 30 min1011289
SDA05Removal of dental calculus and tartar control 45 min15918141
 Cleaning with soda powder (light whitening)79079
 Teeth whitening
BlancOne Click / during tartar removal

 Teeth whitening
BlancOne Touch
 Recepiton feeNo Fee  
 KANTA-payment / visit2,50  


Payment Options: General Debit & Credit Cards (not Diners Club or
American Express), cash. Bank transfer as agreed.


Uncancelled visit or visits cancelled the same day will be charged by 30 eur/15 min.


* Excluding additional costs for dental technician.

** Excluding the dental surgeons part (approx 950-1000 eur/implant and additional costs for dental technician.

*** The technician's share is added to the price for each snoring bar is about 500 €


More information about the KELA refunding system you can find here KELA



Calls from the landline: 8.21 c/call + 5.9 c/min

Calls from mobile phones: 8.21 c/min + 16.9 c/min

Our call center is open mon-thu at 8-16 and fri at 8-12. Exceptions
may occur.


The online booking is open 24/7.

During vacations our call center for appointments is usually open
mon-fri at 9-13. Exceptions specially during summer and christmas holidays

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You can find us in Punavuori, Helsinki. You can find our exact contact information and location on the map here. We are a dental clinic that is easy to come to.