We work to maintain a strong level of professionalism in the making of ceramic laminates (porcelain veneers), crowns, bridges and implants. This way we can help you to maintain an aesthetic dentition. At our clinic we will be glad to find just the suitable option for you.

Teeth whitening

We also do teeth whitening. It can be done at the clinic or at home. It’s important that your teeth are clean from all caries, tartar and coloring before you start a whitening treatment. Also some of your old fillings might be in the visible area and need to be changed after the whitening treatment since the fillings don’t change color as the teeth do.

Whitening done at the clinic:

The dental hygienist cleans your teeth before starting the treatment. Then after protecting the gums the whitening gel is applied on your teeth. The treatment lasts for 40 minutes and after that the gel is removed and the treatment is done.

Whitening at home

A dental hygienist or a dentist takes a stamp of your teeth. After approximately one week we receive the whitening trays and the treatment can begin even the same day.  The whitening gel is applied in the trays and then put into your moth for an hour. After that the trays and the gel are removed. You repeat this for 1-2 weeks and then your treatment is ready.

Questions about teeth whitening

How long does the result last?

  • Different food and drinks and tobacco affect the teeth with coloring so it is individual.


  • Avoid any substances that can color your teeth during two weeks after treatment such as red wine, beetroot, blueberries, coffee and tea.
  • No teeth whitening for pregnant and lactating women.
  • No teeth whitening for persons under 18 years of age.

How often can you whiten your teeth?

  • The formulas for whitening gel used at dental offices are safe and the treatment can be done multiple times without harming the teeth.

Sensitive teeth

  • If you get sensitive teeth during the treatment we can make it better by applying fluoride on the teeth surface.