Basic dental care is a guarantee for well-being

Make an appointment for basic dental care

We offer a wide range of dental services. We have modern equipment and the latest materials at our use. We are also equipped with a digital x-ray device.

Our most important services include basic dental care, implants and other prosthetics. Also children’s as well as occupational dental care is part of our services.

Basic dental care includes:

  • Checkups
  • Filling treatment
  • Root canal treatment (rotary equipment)
  • Removal of dental calculus / tartar control
  • Oral health care (e.g. fluoride treatment)
  • Tooth extracitons

Dental implants will bring a smile to life

A single missing tooth or even a full line of teeth can be replaced with dental implants. The implant is an artificial root made of titanium and attached to the jaw bone. Either crowns or bridges can be attached to implants as well as firmly fixed removable dentures. We work with skilled dental technicians, and can guarantee a beautiful and functional result.

An X-ray helps to find the causes of dental problems

Our equipment includes a digital x-ray device, which allows for us to get the X-ray images taken in connection with the treatment onto the computer screen just seconds after taking them. In addition, the X-ray radiation that the patient is exposed to is minimal. An X-ray is a great tool e.g. to collect information for prosthodontics, and it is also used in our basic services.

Diana’s professional dental hygienist services

Our professional dental hygienists help in maintaining good oral hygiene. Hygienists perform removal of dental calculus and stains, dental fluoridation and other preventive measures for avoiding oral diseases as well as give instructions for your daily dental hygiene.

Dentures will improve the quality of life

A denture is a cost- effective way to provide a neat and functional dentition, if there are many missing or damaged teeth. A denture can also replace the entire tooth row.

We accept service vouchers

The Dental Clinic Diana welcomes patients with the City of Helsinki’s service voucher (palveluseteli). The service voucher entitles the holder to the dental treatment stated on the voucher at a private clinic at almost the same price as in the public side. Please mention when booking your appointment that you will be coming for care by a service voucher and what type of care is mentioned on the voucher.