Orthodontic treatment corrects malocclusions

Different levels of malocclusions are very common. They are treated by using various orthodontic appliances. Malocclusions are good to look after already at a young age. The most serious malocclusions are paid for and treated publicly by the school dentist. The school dentist can sometimes also just note that the child has a malocclusion, but that it will not be paid for from public funds. In this case, you should seek consultation from a private dentist specialized in orthodontics.

Many adults also have malocclusions that may need treatment. The reason can be both functional and esthetic. If you are interested in straightening out your smile don’t hesitate to book a time for consultation with our specialist in orthodontics.

At Dental Clinic Diana orthodontic treatment is at the responsibility of the dentist specialized in orthodontics Maarit Hekali.


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